One big
amazing family

We support people with mental health needs, learning disabilities and rough sleepers to overcome the barriers that may be preventing them from leading full and independent lives.

The LCH approach

We believe everyone deserves the right to a home.
We believe living isn’t about surviving, it’s about thriving.
We believe life is about moving forward, no matter where you start from.

Your life, your way

Our approach is founded upon the understanding that there is often no right or wrong way to get to where you want to go. Everyone here moves forward because the support we offer inspires.

Make a measurable impact

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your skills make a difference to someone’s life. We champion the special qualities that make you ‘you’. We give people the confidence and tools to discover their talents and use them to develop themselves and others.

Take a positive step

If you share our beliefs and have an interest in supporting people explore what they could become, join our amazing team.

Our stories

The unshakeable commitment of our staff together with the amazing achievements of our customers make wonderful stories that need to be told. We hope they inspire you.

Toni and Karis. <br>A real team.

Toni and Karis.
A real team.

Relationships are special and they can come about in the simplest of ways. Cleaning a flat, going for a walk or having a cuppa. See how Karis showed Toni the power of being together.

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Adam and Laura. <br>Little steps.

Adam and Laura.
Little steps.

Sometimes you want to do something, like play a simple game of rounders, but for whatever reason, it feels as if you’ve a mountain to climb first. Discover how Laura and Adam take part.

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Fola and Gosia. <br>It takes two.

Fola and Gosia.
It takes two.

Fola loves stand-up, anything Norman Wisdom, and making people laugh. Gosia is a dancer; hip hop, ballroom…just put the music on. Both share a common passion for live performance. See how they inspire each other.

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