The heart
of LCH

Life should be about thriving, not just surviving. That’s why we offer support and nurturing homes to people with mental health issues, learning difficulties and a background of homelessness. Our aim is to enhance the potential of both our customers and our staff.


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Our history and ethos
London Cyrenians urban therapy

Our history

From a soup van in Hammersmith to 39 properties across London, 153 customers and 178 staff. We opened our doors in 1972 – to those vulnerable and in need of shelter and kindness. Today our services continue to support people with complex needs including mental ill health, substance misuse and learning disabilities.

Our ethos

We empower everyone to achieve what they want to achieve. Genuine respect for others and excitement at seeing people step up to the challenge (whatever the size) play a massive part in our daily lives.

How we’re structured

There are no barriers to growth and development; everyone gives something in their own unique way.