The Power
of together

Adam and Laura
Little steps

Occasionally in life we can all get a little overwhelmed with all the things we have to do.

For Adam, even a simple game of rounders can be a daunting experience. “He loves sport”, explains Laura his staff member. “He’s a very active person, but sometimes finds large crowds and new situations too much”.

There was a big rounders game planned and everyone at LCH was coming together to take part. Laura could see Adam was getting anxious. “One thing I know from my own life”, says Laura “is we can only ever take one step at a time to get to where we want to go”.

Together they went to the park and Laura suggested they walked round the perimeter just talking things through. From a safe distance, Adam slowly got used to the idea of all the chattering, fun and cheering! Everyone was taking part with Adam and Laura soon joining in. “It was a little thing, but it made such a big difference to Adam”. “It felt natural; unplanned – no them and us. It ended up getting quite competitive”, Adam remembers. “I loved it”.

Adam uses that day now to get through times when he wants to stay in his flat. “We take small steps, don’t we Laura – until we get to where we want to go”.

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